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A Bike Friendly Bay Area

The League of American Bicyclists recently announced their annual ranking of the top 50 bicycle friendly cities in America and the Bay Area has four bike friendly cities that made the list!
Children enjoying bicycling to school in San Francisco. Photo credit: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
The Bay Area cities that made the League’s top 50, with recent bicycling ‘Claims to Fame’, are…
Oakland, ranked 40th

Eighteen miles of new bike infrastructure in 2011 included downtown bike lanes connecting to the burgeoning Uptown area, and 40 more miles are planned in 2012

San Jose, ranked 29th

Projects for 2012 include a 6-mile Guadalupe River Trail extension, an inaugural bike boulevard, and membership in a five-city regional bike-share initiative

Sacramento, ranked 25th

The 30-mile American River Bike Trail, signature bike racks bearing the city seal that designate bike-friendly businesses, and free urban-cycling-skills classes.

San Francisco, ranked 8th

The [city’s bicycle infrastructure] innovations led to a 71 percent increase in bike trips over the past five years and moved the city closer to its goal of a 20 percent cycling mode share by 2020.

The Bay Area was the most well represented region in the rankings and cities throughout the Bay are continually working to make bicycling safer and more pleasant. Visit the League of American Bicyclists website to check out the full list of the top 50 bike friendly cities.
Note: Smaller cities like Berkeley and Davis are bike friendly but were not included because they didn’t meet the ranking’s minimum population requirement.

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