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Back to School means route changes on the County Connection

Bus schedules aren’t set in stone. They can change to accomodate traffic, passenger requests, and even the return of school in the fall.
That’s exactly what happened yesterday on the County Connection. The new schedule went into effect yesterday. Read the summary of changes here, or check out the whole list at the County Connection’s website.
There’s bad news for the 600 route, but great news for Walnut Creek. How is your commute affected?
Changes To Weekday Schedules

  • Routes 2 and 5
    • The schedules will be rewritten affecting all trips.
  • Route 4
    • Service will be less frequent in the early morning before downtown businesses open, to allow for later evening service. The last bus leaving Walnut Creek BART is now at 9:15 PM, and the last bus leaving the fountain at the Broadway Plaza is at 9:30 PM.
  • Route 6L
    • The three trips provided on the 6L will be incorporated into the Route 6 timetable. The times will not change… just how they appear in the schedule.
  • Route 17
    • The trip leaving North Concord BART at 6:45 AM will leave at 6:47 AM.
    • With the closing of Glenbrook, the two school day only trips leaving North Concord BART at 1:27 PM and 2:40 PM will be removed.
    • Running times on the trip leaving North Concord BART at 2:45 will be adjusted.
  • Route 21
    • A trip will be added leaving Walnut Creek BART at 4:00 PM, and the San Ramon Transit Center at 5:00 PM.
  • Route 250
    • Thursday through Sunday evening service will resume on Thursday, August 25th, operating between Lafayette BART and Saint Mary’s College via Moraga Rd. This service is provided with a LINK paratransit van and is open to the public

 Changes to 600 Series Routes

  • Route 607
    • All trips are removed
  • Route 609
    • The trip leaving Walnut Creek BART at 7:20 AM will be removed.
    • The trip leaving Oak Grove/Cedro at 2:45 PM will be removed.
  • Route 611, 613, 616, 619 and 623
    • The trip leaving Minert/Weaver at 2:50 PM will leave at 2:20 PM.
  • Route 623
    • Extended route to Camino Tassajara and Lusitano, adding a new time point and adjusted times.

Changes to Weekend Routes

  • Route 314
    • To ease directional confusion at the Concord BART station, the service will be split much like the current service on Rts. 10 and 20. The portion between Concord BART and Clayton Rd/Kirker Pass will be designated as Rt. 310, and the portion between Concord BART and DVC will remain as the Rt. 314. However, no time changes will take place, and passengers traveling through the Concord BART station will not have to change buses.
  • Route 321
    • All Saturday and Sunday running times will be adjusted.

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