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New cellphone laws may be coming soon

Last week, the California legislature passed a bill that may make you think twice before whipping out your phone.
If signed into law, the fine for driving and texting/talking without a hands free device will jump to $309 (up from $189). Violate the law a second time, and get a point on your driving record.
The Senate Bill 28 also bans handheld phone while riding a bicycle. Currently, no low forbids biking on a cellphone, but it certainly looks dangerous. The fees for biking and talking are lower – $20 for the first time and $50 each time after that.
The Contra Costa Times report that as many as 40 percent of drivers using cellphones ignore the current law. During a crackdown in April, police issued almost 60,000 tickets.
What do you think? Are handsfree phones safer? Do you risk it? Is this just another reason to take transit and leave the driving to someone else (we think so).

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