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BART Turns 40!

September 11th, 1972– the day BART began running trains between Fremont and Oakland. Forty years later and the backbone of the Bay Area’s transportation network is still running strong, and still expanding. In honor of the momentous milestone, here is a round up of some vintage views of BART:
from life magazine, aug 1972
life magazine, aug 1972
Pages from Life Magazine, August 1972. Photo credit: brian kusler
Proposed Bay Area Rapid Transit System, February 1961 Plan
Proposed Bay Area Rapid Transit System, February 1961 Plan. Photo credit: Eric Fischer
BART passenger train interior, aerial station and parking area, landscaped aerial transit line, subway station mezzanine, train operations center and subway station, trans-bay tube
Promotional photos and renderings of BART, from San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit: An Investment in the Future, 1967. Image credit: Eric Fischer
BART operator's cab prototype (1965?)
BART promotional photo of operator’s cab prototype circa 1965. Image credit: Eric Fischer
Where's He Hiding?
 Michael Douglas searches for the bad guy, on location at the 16th Street Mission BART station, in this photo from the 1970’s tv series Streets of San Francisco. Image credit:  Todd Lappin 
$1.70 in bart fares
Old BART tickets. Photo credit: Michael Mandiberg
BART rapid transit car (1967)
 Check out that BART logo, from 1967! Image credit: Eric Fischer
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How has BART’s 40 years of service been for you– any memories you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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