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Have a Seat, Have a Say!

New vinyl BART train seats
Fresh vinyl seats. Photo credit: Eric Fischer
Hopefully by now all regular BART users have had a chance to sit on a train with new vinyl seats, a much needed upgrade to some of the oldest cloth seats on public transit in the nation. But as you sit enjoying the cushy seats maybe you’re wondering how the seats were replaced? Well wonder no more! BART put together a video demonstrating the process of replacing the old seats in the video below.

As BART moves forward with updating the Bay Area’s transit system, they’re looking for feedback on changes, including the new vinyl seats. BART encourages riders to “Have a Seat, Have a Say!” You can submit your feedback regarding the new seats by emailing seats@bart.gov or by texting “BART Seats” and your comments to 878787; or by calling toll-free at 1-888-226-0242.

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