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Bikes on BART in March (2013)

Bikes on Bart Pilot Aug. 3, 2012
Bikes on BART during August’s “Bike Friday”. Photo Credit: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Remember when BART experimented with allowing bicycles on trains during Friday rush hour in August, known as “Bike Friday?” Following the mostly positive, encouraging feedback the agency received  during that test run BART is ready to try it again. A second phase of “bikes on board” testing will occur during the week of Monday, March 18 through Friday, March 22, 2012.
To clarify, during this upcoming phase bicycles will be allowed in all stations and on all trains all day during the test week. The standing policy which limits bicycle access to BART during commute hours will not be enforced.
For additional details head over to BART and see the full announcement. Or for a refresher of what Bike Friday was like, check out the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s flickr set covering that test run.

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