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Caldecott Tunnel in the News

The Caldecott Tunnel fourth bore is moving along, and grabbing some great media attention along the way!

The New York Times interviewed miners working hard on the tunnel, and used the tunnel as an example of a successful stimulus project, in their piece: Caldecott Tunnel Edges Forward, Tribute to Stimulus Bill.
The San Francisco Chronicle takes a deeper look at the machinery and methods behind the project: “This is an awesome job right here,” said Bill Monahan, 70, a construction manager for Tutor-Saliba who’s been working on tunnels since 1965. “We do all kinds of tunnels, but I like the big ones like this. It’s more exciting.” Read more in: Caldecott Tunnel workers dig toward tomorrow.
Plus, check out this video tour from Diablo Magazine. (Unsurprisingly, the video gets a little loud, so have your volume turned down if you’re at work!)

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