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Happy Parking Day, Walnut Creek!

Have you ever looked down a street and imagine what the space could be used for other than parking? ¬†Residents in Walnut Creek must have ponder the idea this summer, because Walnut Creek hosted a beautiful “parklet” on PARK(ing) Day last month.
What’s a parklet? A parklet is a tiny park in a parking space. In downtown business districts with high auto and pedestrian traffic outdoor gathering spaces are sometimes scare and desired by some. ¬†A single parking space is usually around 9 by 22 feet, so in a dense downtown, PARK(ing) Day invites people around the world to find new and fun things to fill those spaces.
PARK(ing) Day is an international event, and this was Walnut Creek’s first parklet.
Check out the gallery below. There are more pictures from the Greenbelt Alliance on Flickr.

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