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Meet the WestCAT Lynx

Not that kind of lynx!
Meet the WestCAT Lynx, connecting Rodeo and Hercules to San Francisco’s Transbay Temporary Terminal.
As the Contra Costa Times noted, ridership on the Lynx is up 15% since 2010. The Lynx now averages 680 riders a day.
The Lynx runs a schedule from 5 am to 8:30 pm every weekday. Get from Hercules to Downtown San Francisco in 40 minutes! Read the whole schedule online.
Tired of $4 gas, a $6 toll, and more than $20 in parking? The Lynx is only $5 per adult each way, and monthly passes can save you dollars a day.
You can even bring your bike on the Lynx, and of course, all Lynx coaches are enabled with free WiFi.
Visit the WestCAT website to plan your trip, calculate your commute savings, and learn more about the Lynx and other WestCAT routes.
Note that only the Express J route will be operating on Independence Day.
Want an even sweeter deal? 2012 applications for buy one, get one free 31-Day Lynx Transbay passes are now available!

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