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More fare and fee increases from SFMTA

The San Francisco MTA rolled out several new fare increases July 1. The basic adult Muni fare is unchanged ($2 each). Still, if you commute into San Francisco, be aware:

  • Adult “A” Fast Pass with Ride on BART in SF: now $72, formerly $70
  • Adult “M” Fast Pass Muni Only: $62, formerly $60
  • Cash cable car fare: $6, formerly $5
  • Cable car all day pass: $14, formerly $13

Did you know you could rent an entire San Francisco street car? Last month the two-hour rental was only $646. Now you’re looking at a $671 fee. Cable car rentals went up, too, from $704 to $727.
SFMTA increased several fines for drivers by more dramatic amounts.

  • Altered license plate or missing plate: $114, formerly $55-65
  • Blocking access to blue zones marked disabled passenger access: $935, formerly $335

On bridges, tolls will increase for vehicles with more than two axles. That includes large trucks and private cars with trailers attached.
The increases aren’t limited to land-bound methods of transportation. Fare son the Larkspur ferry increased 5 percent. Sausalito ferry riders will now pay an additional $1 on their fare. The fare for special event ferries to AT&T Park in San Francisco increased to $8.75.
The fare increases are all part of the SFMTA’s efforts to close a $45 million budget shortfall, and for many agencies, the new fiscal year begins in July.
Are these changes enough to affect your commuting habits?
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