New Artwork on BART | 511 Contra Costa

New Artwork on BART

What do BART stations have in common with  18 covers of The New Yorker magazine, and Grammy Award-winning pop music packaging? All feature artwork by artist Owen Smith!
The Joy Luck Club #OwenSmithArtwork
One of the new art pieces that can be seen on BART. Photo credit: bubbletea1
According to BART, Smith’s art is part of the agency’s transit poster series. And as a Bay Area resident, Smith happily embraced the opportunity:

Smith relished the opportunity to create the third in BART’s transit poster series, as a Bay Area local who remembers taking BART as a youngster from home in Fremont to adventures exploring the big city of San Francisco

Smith’s work has a literary journey theme, featuring scenes from classic literature such as Joy Luck Club and The Call of the Wild  come to life on BART. See more artwork and learn more about about Smith’s approach to this project over at BART.

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