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Paris Tests Bus Stop of the Future

Bus stop in Houston 1956
Boarding the bus in 1956. Photo credit: Stockholm Transportation Museum Commons
Transit technology seems to be constantly improving, from Clippers Cards to zero emission buses, the experience of taking public transit is improving in many respects. However, one element that could undoubtedly be improved is the time one spends waiting for a bus to arrive.
While solar-powered wifi busies some bus riders at select San Francisco bus stops, Paris takes waiting for a bus to a higher level with a pilot program described as “the bus stop of the future“.
Treehugger recently covered Paris’ venture into better bus stops as

“…a variety of services, from a book lending library and an electric-bike rental station to phone charging outlets, free WiFi, and a snack and coffee kiosk.”

But that’s not all! Bus stops would also feature

“Bar-style tables built around existing trees [to] encourage socializing while [providing] extensive and interactive sources of neighborhood information [to] help idle passengers plan out the rest of their journey. “

Pretty impressive. Read more about Paris’ efforts at Treehugger.

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