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Reduce The Drive With Park and Ride

Save money and time on your commute and share the ride! 511 Contra Costa’s updated Park and Ride page will help those seeking a more economical and tolerable commute.
Park and Ride lots help you connect with carpools and vanpools. Make commute less stressful by  reducing the amount of driving you have to do. Once you find someone to carpool or vanpool with, select one of several locations throughout the Bay Area to meet up, and then ride in a car or vanpool to work.
Many of the designated Park and Ride locations are also near transit stops and feature bike parking, allowing you to ditch your car altogether. 511 Contra Costa has included Park and Ride as one more tool in the toolbox of alternatives to driving to work, paying toll fees, and constantly filling up on gas.
To find someone to carpool with use the 511 Rideshare ridematch tool.

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