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The Value of Street Smarts Diablo

In Fall 2012, 511 Contra Costa deployed Street Smarts Diablo Region, a traffic safety program, with federal Safe Routes to School funding. Street Smarts Diablo Region intends to educate pedestrians, cyclists and drivers through programs delivered at all public elementary, middle and high schools. In the City of Pittsburg, Martin Luther King Jr Junior High School recently received a three day bicycle and safety pedestrian safety training program and teacher Mr. Knight shared with us this positive testimonial demonstrating the value of providing such a program for school children:

Just wanted to let you know that the recent bicycle safety program really helped one of my students. Just yesterday he was riding his bike when his front tire popped and he went flying over the handle bars. He was wearing his new blue bicycle helmet that was given to him at the Bike Safety Program the day prior to the incident.
The fact that he was wearing his new blue helmet really saved him from serious Injury because he told me this morning that he hit his head on the pavement and the helmet he received Tuesday from the Bicycle Safety Program saved him from serious head injury.   Please pass this along to the Bicycle Safety Program and let them know how much we appreciate their service to our students!!
Thanks, Mr. Knight
Martin Luther King Jr Junior High School

Let’s hear it for Streets Smarts!

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