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Cycling scene on York Blvd

Good for business? A former parking space for a single car now easily accommodates 10 times as many bicycles. Photo credit: Walk Eagle Rock Here at 511 Contra Costa we tag posts that directly or indirectly feature the benefits of bicycling with our “bike benefits” tag. Of the many benefits we’ve covered, one is increasingly […]


Look at Portland’s impressive, dedicated bicycle infrastructure. Photo credit: Greg Raisman USA Today recently took an in-depth look at the state of bicycling in Portland, Oregon in an article titled “In Portland, Ore., Bikes Rule the Road“. Many points made in the article were eye-opening and worth highlighting. The article begins: America spent 50 years and […]

Protected bike lane in downtown Long Beach that physically separates cyclists from motorists. Photo credit: Joe Linton/Streetsblog Long Beach is at it again! When it isn’t installing Southern California’s first protected bike lane or attempting to launch one of the largest bike-share systems in the United States,  the LA beach city  has also quietly been a […]

Bike Corral at Delfina Pizzeria

Eight bicycles fill this bicycle corral using space which would otherwise accommodate one motor vehicle. Photo credit: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition San Francisco is undoubtedly setting the bar high for fellow Bay Area cities looking to become more bike friendly, spearheading innovative infrastructure treatment like painting bike lanes green and creating protected bike lanes. However, the city […]

Santa Cruz Bike To Work Day

It seems not a day goes by without hearing which cars on the market have the best mileage, and how efficient electric and hybrid vehicles of the future will be. But what about the world’s most efficient vehicle, the humble bicycle?   Some like to joke that bicyclists run on burritos or other quick eats […]

Leah Shahum and Mayor Ed Lee bike on the JFK Drive separated bikeway

We hear plenty of the environmental and health benefits of cycling from individuals and cities that have embraced two-wheels, and understandably so, the bicycle is an impressive tool (in fact, it is the most efficient vehicle man has invented). But a benefit we hear less often about when talking bicycles is the monetary one. However, given […]

From everyone at 511CC, we wish you a happy and safe day as you bike your way to and from work or school. But there’s more! The Bike to Work Day celebration doesn’t quite stop after the end of the day today: From 4-6:30 pm, 511CC is hosting an Evening on the Trails. Check our Bike […]