"Urban Acupuncture" in 2011 | 511 Contra Costa

"Urban Acupuncture" in 2011

Have you heard the hubbub about San Francisco’s “parklets“?
Parklets are a cute name for a somewhat serious concept. Many downtowns and urban areas have a plethora of public space, but not a whole lot of places to sit, because so much of that public space is paved. Few square inches in the world are more valuable than a sunny spot in downtown at lunchtime on a beautiful day. Imagine taking a 10’x22′ space away from one car, and filling it with space to seat a dozen people. What a transformation!
San Francisco businesses and neighborhoods built eight parklets in 2011, and have received applications for 24 more. Sure Contra Costa County is less dense than San Francisco, but everyone knows their favorite local walkable street and neighborhood cafe.
Can you envision a more walkable Contra Costa County? Make your vision a reality, even if for just a day, on PARKing Day 2011.

Where would you like to see a parklet in September 2011? What areas needs more seating?

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