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Use Freeways and Save Time

Take some time for coffee.

Have you ever wished for just five extra minutes to find that elusive parking spot or grab a cup of joe before heading into work in the morning? What about an extra five minutes and a short nap on the way to work?

Try using freeway routes on your way to work, and while you’re at it, take a carpool.

Data from the City of Pittsburg shows that, as of September 2010, using freeway routes can save up to an average of nine minutes over local streets. Drivers from East County are doubly encouraged to use the freeway network to help prevent local street congestion. Freeway routes (Somersville Rd., SR 4, SR 242, I-680, SR 24) take an average of 39 minutes, while local roads (Buchanan Rd., Kirker Pass Rd., Ygnacio Valley Rd., I-680) take 48 minutes. Carpooling not only lets you catch some extra shut-eye while heading to the office, but there are plenty of cash incentives for car/vanpoolers.

Here are the benefits of car/vanpooling:

– Carpoolers can get across the Bay Bridge for $2.50, half the cost of going it alone. Sign up for a FasTrak.

– Save money on gas and vehicle maintenance.

– When you join a new vanpool, you can get half your costs reimbursed for the first three months. If you continue riding the vanpool you can receive another 50% off an additional three months.

– Drivers who start new vanpools and stay on the road for a year with at least six passengers are eligible for a $1,000 cash bonus. Vanpool application form.

Need help finding a rideshare partner?

– Use our 511 Ridematch Tool to find a carpool partner or join a vanpool. Call (925) 969-0841 x205 for more information.

– For more information in ridesharing, visit the 511CC page.

Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt

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