BART labor disputes have commuters anxiously waiting for resolution (2013) | 511 Contra Costa

BART labor disputes have commuters anxiously waiting for resolution (2013)

Update 7/1: BART is on strike. Please visit and BART Labor News for status updates. BART has provided information on parking and shuttle service in the event of a strike.

Update 6/28: Unions provided BART with a 72 hour notice which could stop service on Monday, July 1, 2013.
Update 6/27: A BART strike could begin as early as Monday, July 1. An email from BART reads:

Is it possible that a work stoppage could happen on Monday?  It is highly probable that the Unions will provide our customers with the courtesy of a 72 hour notice.  So if we get the notice on Friday, they could walk off the job on Monday.  But remember, they can provide us with notice but it doesn’t mean they will definitely walk off the job. Listen to the news over the weekend and stay informed.

Update 6/26: Union employees have authorized their leadership to call a strike if needed.

Update 6/25: Strike vote will take place on Tuesday, June 25 until 10pm.

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With less than two weeks remaining, Bay Area commuters are anxiously waiting for a resolution.
BART’s labor contracts between it and the 5 unions representing its 2,800 employees are set to expire on June 30, 2013 with negotiations underway. Most issues center on safety, pay and benefits, including health care and pension costs.
As the date of a potential service disruption draws near, visit for status updates. Check with your employer about alternative transportation options or working from home.
An email from BART Customer Services on the labor disputes reads:

Yes, it’s that time again in BART’s labor cycle. Nobody wants a service disruption including all of our employees as well as you, our customers.
The negotiations are stressful but both sides will start to move toward the middle as June 30 draws near. Rest assured, we will keep you informed as to the status of any potential service interruption. In the meantime, our transit partners stand ready to step in if things turn bad. I urge you to get information to your employees about alternative transit services or support your employees staying home to work or flexing their time.
We are taking affirmative steps to settle the labor contracts before June 30, but we have to be prepared just in case. I have attached a website for you and your employees to go to if they want more information about the issues related to the labor negotiations. The site will be updated frequently.

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