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Bicyclists Push for Their Rights

The Cyclists’ Rights Movement is yielding results. Just within the past 2 months, extraordinary leaps and bounds have been made for the expansion of the rights of bikers within the Bay Area.
In Berkeley, a new law just passed, giving cyclists the ability to file civil suits against bellicose drivers on the road. Drivers who assault, threaten, injure, or intentionally distract a person cycling could face a $1000 fine, or pay three times the damages of the victimized cyclist.This is a huge stride for people cycling, further extending their rights. In addition to criminal law, a driver can be held to a civil law.
The Bicycle Movement also has recently garnered support in San Francisco. A new law, expected to receive final approval within a few days, will require San Francisco property owners to allow bikes inside their buildings, unless they can provide alternative, secure off-street parking. The law is predicted to help the City of San Francisco reach its 20% bike commute goal by 2020.  As more legislation comes into fruition that favors biking, it is apparent that the momentum for Bicycling Rights is only beginning. This blog post was written by Luther Kuefner, 511CC’s high school intern.

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