Contra Costa Air Quality

California’s 12-cent gas tax increase went into effect this month, and you’ll soon see the impact at gas stations throughout the state. We have a couple of ways for you to beat the tax hike: Share the Ride – Whether you call it ridesharing or carpooling, it’s the same thing – sharing a ride and splitting the cost. Now that most people have smartphones, apps make it possible to carpool to work with just a little advance notice.... Read the rest
The I-580 Express Lanes through Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore are now open! Here’s what you need to know to use them: All drivers will need a FasTrak® or FasTrak® Flex toll tag and valid FasTrak account to use the lanes. The Express Lanes will be toll-free for carpools, vanpools, eligible clean-air vehicles, buses and motorcycles with a FasTrak Flex toll tag. Solo drivers will have the option of paying to access the Express Lanes using a standard FasTrak or FasTrak Flex toll tag set to ‘1’.... Read the rest
Construction of a portion of the Bay Area Express Lanes on I-680 (between Walnut Creek and San Ramon) has begun and is scheduled to last approximately 15 months. Construction includes installation of variable message signs and overhead toll readers, concrete foundations for overhead freeway sign structures, and laying conduit and fiber optic communications cables for traffic management system communications. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is scheduling construction work so that it will have minimal impacts on traffic.... Read the rest
A 14 mile stretch of Southbound I-680 will feature an express lane as of next Monday, 20 September. Although the new lane will not cross into Contra Costa County, it is a sample of what could potentially develop into an “800 mile network of express lanes,” which will cover the Bay Area and the surrounding region. Express lanes, which have proved successful in other cities such as San Diego, Denver, and Minneapolis, should encourage traffic to flow more smoothly and help raise money for other transit options- solo travelers who use the express lane will have to pay a toll via Fastrak, which will vary depending on traffic levels.... Read the rest
The July 1st toll changes on all state-owned Bay Area bridges will affect almost all motorists, including carpoolers and motorcyclists. Find out how your commute will be affected by reading our FAQ. If you have a question that isn’t answered, please leave a comment below. 1. What are the new tolls for regular/single commuters during peak and non-peak commuting hours? Golden Gate Bridge – The toll on the Golden Gate Bridge remains the same for two-axle vehicles: $5 with FasTrak, $6 cash San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge – Weekdays (Monday-Friday) from 5-10 AM and 3-7 PM: $6 All other bridges* – Every day, all day: $5 Weekdays (Monday-Friday) at all other times: $4 Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): $5 2.... Read the rest