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Bay Area Bike Share launch in San Jose CA

Will the streets of the Bay Area soon be full with a sea of bike-share commuters cycling that last mile from BART to the workplace? Only time will tell. Photo credit: Richard Masoner The Bay Area is not new to transportation innovations. Last year, we celebrated four successful decades of the visionary commuter rail known as BART, […]

Gillig Suburban Inaugural 11.7.13

New AC Transit bus, the “Gillig Suburban,” offers riders free wifi. Photo credit: AC Transit In March AC Transit began phasing in a new line of buses built by Bay Area based company Gillig to replace some of the fleet’s older models. In August, AC Transit introduced the New Flyer 60’ articulated buses, which feature 52 seats (and additional […]

Melbourne Bike Share - first day

A bike-share dock in Melbourne, Australia. Photo credit: Gavin Anderson This past month you may have heard about New York City’s historic bike-share launch. New York’s bike-share program continues to incite enthusiasm and excitement, not just for the locals using the system, but for other cities interested in similar bike-share schemes. Here in California one […]

people on bikes on carfree seine

People on bikes on car-free Seine. Photo credit: William Lee-Wright Mayor of Paris, France, Bertrand Delanoe wants his city to live up to its reputation as a relaxed, picturesque oasis but there’s only one problem– there’s too much traffic. So what’s the course of action to change this? Heavily restricted car use. Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands reported […]

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