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Back in April of 2013 we shared an article about StreetMix, the fun web-based tool which lets you resize and rethink streets with mere clicks. When it launched, StreetMix was rather simplistic but that’s partially what made it so powerful and why we wrote about it– because of its ability to let everyday people redesign […]


Whether you’re an aspiring transportation planner, traffic engineer, planning commissioner  or just want to know what your street would look like with a planted median and bus stops, StreetMix is an excellent web-based tool that lets you decide how to use the right of way of a street. Similar to Blockee, which we’ve highlighted in […]

A revamped Macdonald Avenue in Richmond– with street trees, crosswalk, solar powered street light and wifi hotspot. Step 1) Select a streetview from Google Maps Step 2) Add your favorite civic improvements– bike lanes, street lights, tress Step 3) Share with your friends, neighborhood council, or any other interested party  The genius concept behind Blockee– the […]

Check out these pictures from Walnut Creek’s PARK(ing) Day, September 16.