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Vintage 1976 BART Map

BART. The world’s most sophisticated rapid transit? Bay Area map maker and enthusiast Eric Fischer¬†recently uploaded this 1976 BART brochure touting how its 2,000 employees care about its passengers.

Over, Under, and Around San Francisco (1976)
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The brochure text is reads:

“BART invites you to join us on the ¬†world’s most sophisticated rapid transit. BART is a space age transit system with over 2,000 people who care about you and it’s the most convenient way to get over, around, and under the Bay Area in minutes.”

The brochure goes on to describe how to access BART and the cost of parking at BART stations (which was free with the exception of the Lake Merritt Station, which would set you back 25 cents per day). Another interesting detail that emerges is in the text the portion about bikes on BART. While all bike restrictions have now been lifted, when the system opened you needed a temporary permit from a station agent to bring your bike on-board during certain hours.

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