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Eureka bike ramp

American transportation planners are fixated on getting more people on bikes, and it’s easy to see why. Bicycles offer a number of benefits, so much so that we have a “bike benefits” tag on this blog. With the immense popularity of blogs such as Bicycle Dutch and A View From The Cycle Path, which demonstrate what everyday bicycling is […]

Bay Area Bike Share launch in San Jose CA

Will the streets of the Bay Area soon be full with a sea of bike-share commuters cycling that last mile from BART to the workplace? Only time will tell. Photo credit: Richard Masoner The Bay Area is not new to transportation innovations. Last year, we celebrated four successful decades of the visionary commuter rail known as BART, […]

Fireworks in Pinole, CA in Contra Costa County

Transit riders and vanpoolers who take advantage of pre-tax commuter benefits with their employer will find that their maximum monthly limit decrease to $130 starting January 1, 2014 from $245 in 2013. The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (HR 8) restored the pre-tax transit and vanpool commuter benefits to be on par with the […]


Bike commuting– much safer and pleasant when there’s company. Photo credit: Walk Eagle Rock Los Angeles has been making headlines in recent years because of the region’s willingness to invest in alternatives to the automobile, particularly in bringing back an efficient and convenient train system. However, it now appears that another form of commuter train has been […]


(Two people enjoying the toll-free, bicycle-pedestrian path along the new Bay Bridge span.  Photo credit: Sharon Hahn Darlin) The bicycle and pedestrian path along the new East Bay span of the Bay Bridge has proved incredibly popular, even though one still can’t completely reach San Francisco by bicycle or foot. People just really like recreating outdoors, […]

What if someone told you there were a way to safely lock your bike with a not a key, but a smartphone app? And that this same app enables you to seamlessly borrow a friend’s bike, effectively allowing users to create their own bike-share network? And that the app alerts you if your bike has […]

Cycling scene on York Blvd

Good for business? A former parking space for a single car now easily accommodates 10 times as many bicycles. Photo credit: Walk Eagle Rock Here at 511 Contra Costa we tag posts that directly or indirectly feature the benefits of bicycling with our “bike benefits” tag. Of the many benefits we’ve covered, one is increasingly […]


Bike aboard Amtrak. Photo credit: ubrayj02 Looking to take a nice train and bike trip along the coast this summer? The Source published this news release from Caltrans, which funds some passenger rail service in California, regarding the new bike reservation policy (with our emphasis added) : Caltrans, Amtrak Announce New Bike Reservation Policy to Improve Customer Service […]

Melbourne Bike Share - first day

A bike-share dock in Melbourne, Australia. Photo credit: Gavin Anderson This past month you may have heard about New York City’s historic bike-share launch. New York’s bike-share program continues to incite enthusiasm and excitement, not just for the locals using the system, but for other cities interested in similar bike-share schemes. Here in California one […]

From one beautiful bridge to another...

Photo credit: vision63 In just about every major American metropolitan region, and especially here in the Bay Area, streets are congested – and contested – spaces.  Increasingly cities are reallocating mixed-traffic lanes to accommodate bicycling, and while this makes it safer for the cyclists, it can affect the traffic flow by reducing the number of […]

When a quarter of all trips within the entire country are done by bicycle it’s difficult to imagine much could be done to make cycling more attractive in the Netherlands. Then the municipality of Eindhoven unveiled it’s spectacular aerial roundabout for bikes that lets cyclists fly over motorized traffic. More recently the city of Groningen – […]

Have you ever been unsure whether you should bike or take public transit to work? You’re not alone! Richard Pope of London recently blogged about his most recent invention, the bicycle barometer, which tells him if he’s better off cycling, or taking the Tube to work. Richard Pope describes it like this: “The bicycle barometer takes […]

Cycling scene on York Blvd

(Five bicycles locked to bike racks, one bike rack locked to a sign post. Photo credit: Walk Eagle Rock) Whether you’re going to your favorite restaurant for lunch or to the local grocery store to pick up a few items, bicycling is a great way to get there– especially as the days are getting longer […]

Safe Walking with Bikes to School

A family participating in National Bike to School Day. Photo credit: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition As if there weren’t enough economic, social, environmental, safety, or physical health benefits of walking and cycling, one new study is showing yet another reason to embrace active transportation, especially among children– better concentration ability. The Atlantic Cities summarized the findings of this new study, […]

East Bay Bike Party WoS

East Bay Bike Part, one of many events listed at the new Cycling Event Page. Photo credit: RACINGMIX Here at 511 Contra Costa one of the most viewed blog posts last year was “Upcoming Bay Area and California Cycling in 2012“. Responding to the popularity of this post, there is now a dedicated Cycling Event […]

bike arc on display

Creative bike parking in Palo Alto, where about 10% of commutes are by bike. Photo credit: Adam Fagen Bicycling accounts for roughly 0.5% of commuting on the national level, but if you feel like you see more bikes on your commute around here it could be because California, and more specifically the Bay Area, leads […]


Whether for work, vacation, picking up or dropping off a friend – a trip to the airport is nearly as common as as trip to the market. But what is the best way to get there? Undoubtedly the simplest choice for some trips to the airport may be to drive but there’s a whole menu […]


Want to learn some statistics about bicycling in Copenhagen in a flash? Look no further than the “Copenhagen Cycle Infographic“– created by  graphic designer Emma Sivell and first shared on the blog Copenhagenize. The clever infographic includes factoids like: 18% of the Danish population cycle daily; 40% of children cycle to school in Denmark; and that there are […]

Child cargo

Happy family! Photo Credit: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition “It’s better by bike!”, that seems to be the mantra these days when getting around the Bay Area and here are three articles that prove it! First up, the Bay Citizen reports on a growing number of families that are passing on the car and transit and […]


Floating bicycle roundabout under construction. Photo credit: Jeroen van Lieshout 25% of all trips in the Netherlands are bike, making bicycling a part of everyday life; it’s a trivial activity that the Dutch don’t think twice about. However, the bicycling nation’s latest piece of innovative infrastructure might even amaze a local Dutchman. The municipality of  Eindhoven recently […]

Bicycle Police

A pair of bike officers. Photo credit: Director Digital Strategies Everyone knows bicycling is good for the environment and for one’s health, this is no secret. Even the economic benefits of bicycling are touted these days. However, one benefit of embracing bicycling that is increasingly studied and observed is the positive social impact. In an interview with OpenFile, police officers […]


Look at Portland’s impressive, dedicated bicycle infrastructure. Photo credit: Greg Raisman USA Today recently took an in-depth look at the state of bicycling in Portland, Oregon in an article titled “In Portland, Ore., Bikes Rule the Road“. Many points made in the article were eye-opening and worth highlighting. The article begins: America spent 50 years and […]

Bike in garage

Time to tune it up, and get rolling! Photo credit: florriebassingbourn As the bicycle continues to gain popularity in cities around the Bay Area with each passing week, more people are undoubtedly dusting off those old 10-speeds that have just been sitting in the garage for the past decade. It doesn’t take much, so if […]

google maps new favicon

Image credit: Prashanth dotcompals In the realm of Google Maps, there’s good news for transit users, and better news for bike users. First, the good news comes in an article by Jeremy Owens of the San Jose Mercury News titled “Google Maps mobile app’s transit offerings work great for novices, but hard-core Bay Area riders will […]