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Is carpooling for you? Here’s a quick test: Do you dislike sitting in traffic, enjoy saving money and wouldn’t mind a little company on the drive to work? If you answered “yes”, keep reading. Myths Debunked “It’s hard to find people to carpool with.” Finding people to carpool with is actually easier than it’s ever been. Beyond […]

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Peer-to-peer car-sharing services continue to grow, and this poster seems to captures why: it’s cheap and easy, lettings folks “rent cars by the hour” from people in their neighborhood. Photo credit: Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester In the Bay Area we are fortunate to have a variety of ways of getting around for work, shop, and […]

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Get ready for the next BART strike!  We put together a list of tips for commuters preparing in the event of a second BART strike next week. BART is providing the following options: Carpooling Click here to download a PDF of the image above Try casual carpooling from select BART stations or BART Park n […]

Image credit: Lorraine Blanco The last BART strike occurred in 1997 and lasted 6 days. Here is a list of transportation resources during a continued BART strike. Getting Around KQED put together a great post of transportation alternatives listed by agency. Options ranging from carpooling, biking, taking the bus, ferries and trains are all covered. […]

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Catching a ride with someone via Lyft, as indicated by the car wearing an iconic pink mustache. Photo credit: lizasperling Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time. You have a smart phone, you just got out of a meeting and want to get across town. So you pull out your phone and […]

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Market Street, San Francisco. Photo credit: torbakhopper Head’s up! 511CC has a new commuter incentive program page! Learn how you can partake in the Drive Less Commuter Incentive Program and get a cash reward for switching from commuting in a single-occupant motor vehicle to carpooling, transit, bicycling or walking. Driving less really can help reduce environmental impacts […]

It’s back! The Great Race for Clean Air is a friendly competition between Bay Area companies to encourage the use of commute alternatives such as transit, carpooling, vanpooling, walking and bicycling rather than driving alone to work to reduce greenhouse gases and smog levels in the Bay Area. Last year, 190 companies throughout the Bay Area […]

Save money and time on your commute and share the ride! 511 Contra Costa’s updated Park and Ride page will help those seeking a more economical and tolerable commute. Park and Ride lots help you connect with carpools and vanpools. Make commute less stressful by  reducing the amount of driving you have to do. Once […]

Yellow “Clean Air” stickers will not be accepted in HOV lanes after Friday. How will you get those pesky stickers off your car?

Report your commutes with RideMatch and win $500 of groceries.

Have you seen Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel? It’s a simple concept – a hurried New Yorker hops into a taxi cab only to find out it’s a Cash Cab! They answer questions for money as they approach their destination, and have to leave with their winnings when they give an incorrect answer. KOFY-TV […]

How have the July 2010 tolls affected casual carpool on the Bay Bridge?

Think your commute is a drag? If you’re traveling solo, ridesharing just might make your morning. As three Contra Costa County employees discovered, carpooling isn’t just for saving money, breezing through traffic, and reducing CO2 emissions–it can also be a great way to form meaningful friendships. In late 2007, the story began when two commuters […]

Along with the holidays comes some good news for commuters who take transit and carpool or vanpool. As we tweeted a couple of weeks ago, the mass transit tax for commuters was about to expire this year. In 2009, a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) increased the tax benefit from $120 per […]

The July 1st toll changes on all state-owned Bay Area bridges will affect almost all motorists, including carpoolers and motorcyclists. Find out how your commute will be affected by reading our FAQ. If you have a question that isn’t answered, please leave a comment below. 1. What are the new tolls for regular/single commuters during […]

Upcoming Events & Meetings May 31, 2010: Memorial Day – Transit agency schedules on Memorial Day Holiday Friday May 28 – Tuesday May 31, 2010: Track closures between Walnut Creek & Pleasant Hill BART stations Friday June 4, Saturday June 5: Treat Boulevard to close at night for Iron Horse Trail bridge installation Local News (Contra […]

How has the construction affected traffic around the Caldecott Tunnel? Is it about the same as before? Have you noticed more carpooling? Please leave a comment below.

Upcoming Events & Meetings Thursday May 13, 2010 – Bike to Work Day Thursday May 13, 2010 – Evening on the Trails For more events, visit Local News (Contra Costa County & East Bay) Bike Buck$ Program begins With road funds, Pittsburg plans 1.7-mile expressway, BART extension into East Contra Costa County, and other projects WestCAT […]

Update: due to rainstorms, the construction of a carpool lane along Eastbound I-80 has been postponed three weeks from the original stated date. Beginning April 26th, Caltrans will close the ramps between Highway 4 and Eastbound Interstate 80 in Hercules for six months. Caltrans will shut down access from Highway 4 to Eastbound I-80 at 12:01 […]

This video was submitted by actual carpoolers in the Atlanta region. Its catchy.


Huh?  Do Your 2?  What does this mean?  511 Contra Costa wants you to try green commuting by sharing your ride to work or school just two times per week.  Hence, do your 2. We’ve  added a little extra whip or foam to  the carpool and transit incentive–if you know the special promo code.  Receive a […]

Share the Ride! Carpool…Casually by pulling up to a curb and picking someone up at a casual carpool location. Unless otherwise arranged all carpools from the East Bay drop passengers at Fremont and Howard streets–or nearby–in downtown San Francisco. Where to Go Albany–Pierce St. south of Central Ave. Across the street from the Pacific Far […]


BART  unions announced their plans to strike on Sunday August 16, 2009 at Midnight. 511 Contra Costa has carpools for all commuters traveling to, from or through Contra Costa County and free WestCAT Lynx Express Bus passes for commuters traveling from Hercules to San Francisco. Click Here for the 511 Contra Costa carpool program. Click […]

BART may go on strike July 1, 2009. Don’t wait until then to figure out how to get to work.  Talk to co-workers  or others in your building NOW to arrange  a carpool and then sign up with us to receive a $60 gift card.  You might  also consider vanpooling.  Look for vans with empty […]