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Metro Rail and Liner Map - Spring 2012

A map of Los Angeles’ current rail network. Image credit: Kriston Lewis Los Angeles is being hailed for its steady revival of the thriving rail system it once had, but the current plan to create a convenient network that connects the whole county is still 30 years away.  The Los Angeles rail system has seen rapid growth […]

Over, Under, and Around San Francisco (1976)

BART. The world’s most sophisticated rapid transit? Bay Area map maker and enthusiast Eric Fischer recently uploaded this 1976 BART brochure touting how its 2,000 employees care about its passengers. The brochure text is reads: “BART invites you to join us on the  world’s most sophisticated rapid transit. BART is a space age transit system with […]


(A still of commute patterns in the East Bay. Screen grab via: Activemaps) Data is an empowering and effective tool for better understanding our everyday lives, and when that information can be easily digested through visuals we are all the more grateful. With this in mind, a thank you is due to UC Berkeley planning Ph.D. […]


Transit connection map from 1981, still in use after more than 30 years. Screen grab via: TransitMaps The Transit Maps tumblr  recently highlighted the above photo taken by transit rider Alex Jonlin of 1981 transit map he spotted in the Fremont BART Station. Jonlin, comments on the map: I saw this at the Fremont BART Station a […]

NA Map

A glimpse of xkcd’s map of all subways in North America– click the above image to see the full map. Image credit: xkcd Here’s one for the rail and public transit enthusiasts– xkcd recently shared a cool map displaying all subways in North America, connected. For the die-hard rail enthusiasts, xkcd does offer this disclaimer: […]

california rail map

Bay Area rail lines– more extensive than you thought, huh? Screen grab via: California Rail Map It’s not hard to access a map of California’s highway system– from google maps to regional maps, highways are visible and this comes as no surprise. What is surprising however, is that it is only now has someone compiled […]

San Francisco is full of hustle and bustle. Have you ever wondered what that looks like through the eyes of public transit? Youtube user SLT Transit put together a time-lapse video of transit activity over a typical day in San Francisco that demonstrates through its mesmerizing patterns how vital public transit is to city’s transportation system. Check […]

BART System Map

For decades cities around the world have been implementing subway systems to accommodate speedy, convenient travel across metropolitan areas. Some systems are world famous like London’s Tube network, and New York’s subway system. But did you know, if scaled to the same size, the Bay Area’s very own BART system is larger than both of […]

People who tweet about BART tend to be on BART

Where are you when you are tweeting about BART? Chances are you’re on BART! Eric Fischer, Bay Area based Flickr user extraordinaire,  mapped out the location of a month’s worth of tweets about BART, as seen below… Image credit: Eric Fischer It’s almost like looking at a map of the BART system, isn’t it? See […]

So you’ve mapped out a bike route for your work commute, but what about making one for bicycling across the country? If you’ve ever considered taking a bicycling road trip to travel state to state you needn’t worry–  GOOD and Gregory Hubacek, in partnership with CLIF Bar have already got you covered! That’s right, they’ve mapped […]